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08/03-05 Loud As Hell 7, Drumheller, AB (CAN)

July 18th, 2011 | 5 comments - (Comments are closed)

Exclusive version of ‘Sandstorm’ streaming at

Hello Everyone!

Tim Henderson at BraveWords was kind enough to let us preview our brand new song, “Sandstorm”.  Tim has always supported our band and we thank him and the rest of the Brave Staff.

“Sandstorm” was written in May 2011 with our new drummer Bryan and it features the guest death vocals of Rob Doherty. This streaming version is just the bonus Tim Roth/Rob Doherty version. There is a Stu Block track as well.

The real version of “Sandstorm”, featuring Stu Block, Tim Roth and Rob Doherty, will be released on iTunes July 25 2011.

Thank you to the fans for all the positive energy. Keep it metal!


March 19th, 2011 | 4 comments - (Comments are closed)

ICED EARTH leader chooses Stu Block as their new vocalist!

Hey guys… Stu Block here!

Well, as the world now knows, I will be fronting the mighty Iced Earth!!

Some of you have asked about Into Eternity. I’m happy to report that I will be fulfilling all of the 2011 gigs for that great band. So no worries to loyal fans out there.

I have been given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be Iced Earth’s vocalist, and I need to embrace it 100%. As you can imagine, I can’t wait for the metal journey to begin!

Thx for your support.

See you all on the road soon!!!

Stu Block

Here’s the press release from Iced Earth:

Stu Block © Cortney Roth

In the wake of vocalist Matt Barlow’s retirement, dozens of demos and resumes flooded Iced Earth’s management team. But one name kept popping up – Into Eternity vocalist Stu Block, who has been named the new lead singer for Iced Earth.

According to Schaffer, Robert Kampf, CEO of Century Media, early on suggested Block, whose band Into Eternity was previously on the CM label. That reminded Schaffer of one night in September, 2008, when Into Eternity opened for Iced Earth.

“Iced Earth was backstage waiting to go on,” said Schaffer. “We heard one of Stu’s incredible wails. I remember turning to Matt and saying, ‘Damn, that dude has serious range.’”

So while Iced Earth’s management team sifted through the growing number of prospective vocalists, Schaffer got in touch with Block.

After several phone conversations with the then-prospective Iced Earth vocalist, Schaffer asked his manager to e-mail Block several key Iced Earth songs, with the vocals stripped. Block went into his studio and recorded himself singing, then sent the files back to the team.

The result landed Block an intense two days at Schaffer’s studio where the two musicians hit it off.

“I felt a lot of chemistry between us, we knocked out a couple of great original pieces of music in no time” said Schaffer. “He’s very good at coming up with catchy melodies, and will help with lyrical duties as well. There’s no doubt Stu has an amazing vocal range and a lot of energy, but he also has the touring experience, which is a big plus for our plans of performing in all corners of the world.”

In addition, Schaffer said Block has what Iced Earth needs in a front man: “stage presence that includes high energy, passion, and focused rage.”

“Stu is charismatic and understands the depth and varying emotions in Iced Earth’s music,” said Schaffer. “So he will embody not only the emotion of our songs, but he will be able to perform them in a dynamic way. I believe fans are in for some incredible records and live shows in the coming years.”

New Iced Earth vocalist Stu Block concurs: “Iced Earth fans are wonderful, wonderful people,” he said. “The music is so passionate. So they’re passionate, and very loyal to the band. I am, too. I’m a huge fan of Iced Earth myself. So I share that same passion, and I will show it on stage. I think the fans are really going to dig it.”

Block continues: “It’s a huge honor to be doing this, to be part of this team,” he said. “It’s a dream come true, for sure.”

Schaffer is totally stoked. “This is a new beginning,” he said. “It’s game-on time. Iced Earth is going to record and tour like it never has before. The band is really amped-up and ready to hit the ground running in November.”

And to prove it, Iced Earth has released the European leg of a world tour that will take the band to countries it has never previously played. All told, the 2011-2012 Iced Earth world tour will be the largest the band has undertaken since its inception.

NOTE: Retired Iced Earth vocalist Matt Barlow will perform with the band on all summer festival dates. New vocalist Stu Block will take over from there, starting with the European leg of Iced Earth’s world tour.

» read more and see the tour dates on the official Iced Earth website

March 9th, 2011 | 11 comments - (Comments are closed)

INTO ETERNITY Announces New Drummer

Into Eternity with Bryan Newbury

Regina, Saskatchewan-based Canadian extreme progressive metallers INTO ETERNITY have announced the addition of drummer Bryan Newbury from Edmonton, Alberta. Newbury is known in the western Canadian metal scene as a member of Edmonton-based DEATH TOLL RISING.

INTO ETERNITY has been writing new material as a follow-up to the well-received 2008 Century Media release “The Incurable Tragedy”. Guitarist Tim Roth commented: “It is the coldest March in 90 years (-40 C), so I’m staying indoors and working on some new INTO ETERNITY music. This will be our sixth album, so we have to make sure all the songs are perfect. I have over 60 minutes of music demoed now on my iPod, so things are slowly getting done. The music is all there now, so the rough arrangement of the songs has started. It helps us also that we have the organizational assistance of our lawyer, Eric Greif, to fall back on, which is cool considering DEATH was one of our main influences.”

INTO ETERNITY’s Canadian agent Zandra Productions has announced the following shows, the first for the band in two years:

Apr. 15 – Walkers, Saskatoon
Apr. 16 – The Exchange, Regina
May 12 – The Distillery, Calgary
May 14 – Pawn Shop, Edmonton

In other news, INTO ETERNITY will be playing the “Chuck Schuldiner Birthday Bash” on May 13 at The Distillery in Calgary, organized by REVEREND KILL’s Don Stenhouse and Greif, Schuldiner’s intellectual property lawyer and the former manager of DEATH. A charitable event benefitting the Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, it features a 12 band line-up centering on Candlelight Records act DIVINITY, with guests such as former DEATH members Paul Masvidal, Sean Reinert and Chuck’s nephew Chris Steele, and raffled items donated by labels, publishers and artists.

February 6th, 2011 | 3 comments - (Comments are closed)

New site!

hey guys!

yes I’ve finally put a new website in place, based on the awesome WordPress!

And thanks to feedburner you can now subscribe to our news updates (or you can live bookmark our RSS feed)!

x Marlies (webmaster)

(edit 02/13)

June 16th, 2010 | Comments are closed

Artist of the Month at the!

May 4th, 2009 | Comments are closed

Japan 2009!

Hello Everybody,

Into Eternity is in full blown rehearsal mode now. The jams have been going very smooth and they sound very tight already. We are about 10 hours in and we are working on a 22 song set list. The band plans on playing songs from “Dead Or Dreaming”, “Buried In Oblivion”, “The Scattering Of Ashes” and our new album “The Incurable Tragedy”. Stu (vocals) just got a new in ear monitor, so he is singing better than ever now that he can finally hear himself! Our first gigs are going to be local in Saskatoon on May 8th and our hometown Regina on May 9th. The set time should be around 85 minutes, so be ready to grab a chair! It’s good to know that we have plenty of good songs to play in a headlining set. Normally we play for 30 minutes on some of our past tours, so we get to finally call some shots of our own on these gigs.

Tomorrow Stu and I are going to tape a one hour metal show at our local rock station 104.9 The Wolf. We have done community radio here in town before, but never a big rock station. Stu and I will pick all the songs played, so we were thinking about playing bands that we dig like Sacrifice, Kataklysm, Augury, Megadeth, Dream Theater, Lost Horizon, Obcura, Pestilence, Cynic, Zero Hour and more! Hopefully people outside of Regina can check it out at It should be on 11.30PM May 8th (Regina time).

We fly out on May 10th to Japan to play 3 shows with Destruction. I know that these will be killer shows. Japan was so good to us a year ago and we can’t wait to get back! Now we also have 2 more exciting shows to announce. Trinity Records is bringing us over to play Hong Kong on May 16th and he is also getting us to play Taiwan on May 17th. It will be our first time ever in these new markets, so we are happy that Soni is inviting us to play. Hopefully we’ll have a good time at these shows as well.

Keep It Metal,

December 31st, 2008 | Comments are closed

Lucca Jacob Yngwie Roth and Tim’s Top 2008 albums

Hello Everybody,

We’re dealing with an insane winter blizzard today and -37C, but it’s warmer than last weeks -44C with wind chill! It will probably be a good idea to stay home in the warm and write some hot metal riffs…ha!

It was a great year of touring for us in 2008. The Symphony X USA tour and Japan were the 2 high points for me. During the long drives we would crank Symphony X’s last album, ‘Paradise Lost’ and try to air guitar the licks and sing along to Russel’s smooth pipes.
I was personally out of the touring game in mid-September because Cortney and I were expecting a baby. Music has always been number one in my life, but I had to stay home and support the family. On November 28, 2008 Lucca Jacob Yngwie Roth was born into our world at 9:36 am. Cortney picked his first name, so I got to pick his middle names. Jacob was my father and Yngwie is my all time favorite guitar player. The choice of names was an easy one for me. Now all of my time has been dedicated to the family and it will be into the next year as well.

I want to wish the band, management, label and the fans a Happy New Year in 2009. Thanks to everyone for all the continued support during these crazy times. There are a few shows being booked in 2009, so we’ll see you all again soon. Keep it metal!


PS Here are some cool albums that I have been digging in 2008.

1. Yngwie Malmsteen- Perpetual Flame
2. Guns N Roses- The Chinese Democracy
3. Cynic- Traced In Air
4. Opeth- Watershed
5. Dragonforce- Ultrabeatdown
6. Testament- Formation Of Damnation
7. Metallica- Death Magnetic
8. Warral Dane- Praises To The Warmachine
9. Trivium- Shogun
10. Zero Hour- Dark Deciever
11. Kataklysm- Prevail
12. Judas Priest- Nostradomus
13. Buckcherry- Black Butterfly

December 10th, 2008 | Comments are closed

Finally…the “Time Immemorial” video is here!

Century Media pressrelease:

The wait is finally over as Canadian extreme progressive metal icons Into Eternity proudly present their new conceptual, visual masterpiece for “Time Immemorial”. The track appears on the group’s critically acclaimed concept album, “The Incurable Tragedy”, which debuted at 17 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart upon its September release.

The video, which features vocalist Stu Block in a prominent role, was filmed in Montreal in August, just before the group embarked on the Summer Slaughter Canada tour. That trek was followed by a run alongside the legendary Iced Earth, which capped off a year that also saw the band tour with Symphony X, At The Gates and The Dillinger Escape Plan, among others.

Block (vocals) further comments: “It was really cool and, to be frank, kinda creepy doing some silent acting in the video. I’ve done some acting in high school and some extra work in Vancouver, so I was sorta familiar with what to do. So, hey Rob Zombie, I’m ready man; throw me in yer next slasher flick!

“It was a long day for everyone – 14 hours, I think. I don’t think we knew what to expect from the video because the focus was more on the acting sequences as opposed to band performance, which was kind of weird for us. Everyone involved with the video were really laid back and cool, and the other actors and actresses were really awesome and helped me out if I had any questions. (They are the pro’s, after all!)

“We filmed the video in Montreal at a haunted house that had been turned into a nightclub/restaurant, so it was a treat both for us to be filming a video in Canada and for me being a horror movie buff, as I was definitely in my element. I was hoping for a ghost sighting or for people to start disappearing periodically, but well, that never happened.

“We were really pressed for time near the end of the shoot due to the fact we had to pick up our tour manager from the airport since we were going to start a new tour, but what a way to start a tour! I think all in all we are happy the video is finally finished, and we hope our fans enjoy it! Thanks to all our fans for picking up “The Incurable Tragedy”, and we will see you all on the road in the future.”

December 3rd, 2008 | Comments are closed

Time Immemorial video to premiere Dec. 10 – but watch behind-the-scenes footage now!

Century Media pressrelease:

It has been an extremely productive and successful 2008 for Canadian extreme progressive metal icons Into Eternity, who wrapped up their North American tour with Iced Earth a few weeks ago. This was preceded by the band’s first Japanese tour supporting At The Gates and Dillinger Escape Plan, their first full Canadian tour (Summer Slaughter Canada) and a spring trek as direct support to progressive legends Symphony X. In addition, the band’s first concept album, the critically acclaimed “The Incurable Tragedy”, debuted at #17 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, which also marked their highest first week sales.

Earlier this year, the band shot a video for the track “Time Immemorial”. The clip will finally premiere next Wed., Dec. 10, exclusively on MySpace Metal. To whet fans’ appetites, the band has posted some behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot. Check it out below!

October 27th, 2008 | Comments are closed

Steve recaps the Iced Earth tour, and WELCOME BACK, TIM!

Century Media pressrelease:

Canadian extreme progressive metal icons Into Eternity wrapped up their North American tour with Iced Earth in Los Angeles on Friday, October 24. It was the band’s first-ever tour without founding guitarist Tim Roth, who could not participate for several reasons – the biggest being that he is about to become a father.

Into Eternity has now announced that Roth will rejoin the band for four shows in western Canada this week, including a Winnipeg concert alongside Dismember and a headlining appearance on Halloween night at the Zombiefest in Lethbridge, Alberta. Meanwhile, fill-in touring guitarist Sean Maier will now rejoin his primary band Blessed By A Broken Heart, whose seven-week European tour kicks off on October 30.

Commented drummer Steve Bolognese, “Iced Earth was a very memorable tour, and it was great to tour with such cool bands and really good guys. There were so many good shows – one of our best being an off-date in Mexico with Deicide. It was a real treat to meet and hang with those guys.

“I am happy to say that we got through the tour even without Tim. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go, but we did it -and now, he’s back! I want to again say thanks to Sean Maier for filling in at the last minute so we could make this tour happen, and as always, I want to thank the fans for coming out and supporting us through this time without Tim. We couldn’t have done it without you.”

Into Eternity tour dates:

Oct. 30 Walkers – Saskatoon, SK
Oct. 31 Zombiefest – Lethbridge, AB
Nov. 01 The Exchange – Regina, SK
Nov. 02 Royal Albert – Winnipeg, MB