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Into Eternity

DVS cover of Into Eternity1999 (self-financed) / 2000 (DVS Records)

1. Torn
2. Sorrow
3. Left Behind
4. The Modern Day
5. A Frozen Escape
6. Behind The Disguise
7. Holding Onto Emptiness
8. Into Eternity
9. Speak Of The Dead
10. Silence Through Virtue (bonustrack DVS)

Tim Roth – lead vocals, guitar
Chris McDougall – keyboards
Jim Austin – drums, vocals
Scott Krall – bass, vocalsoriginal self-financed pressing of Into Eternity
Chris Eisler – guitar*
(DVS release lists Daniel Nargang – guitar)

all music written by Tim Roth
all songs performed & arranged by Into Eternity
© 1999 all songs Into Eternity
recorded & mixed: Touchwood Studios, Regina, SK, Canada
produced by Into Eternity & Grant Hall
mixed & mastered by Grant Hall & Into Eternity
self-financed release:CD design & layout by Ken MacMurchy, 2M Graphics
DVS release: artwork, logo & layout by Mattias Norén,


1. Torn

Look to the sky
Reassuring wondering
Look to the sky
Cleansing suffering
Cleaning all wounds

Nailed to the cross
Life drifting away
Ripped apart from the inside
Crown of thorns
Sands of time slipping away

Torn apart

Skies are blackening
Mind is wondering
Withdraw all emotion
Lost helpless
Thoughts begin to sway

2. Sorrow

Lift the sorrow
Perceive another way
A better view

You’re lying to yourself
What’s there to prove
You’ve seen the final showing
The curtain closes
The symphony plays on
Dance of the dead

Slowing down
Moving on
Finally complete
Dead on
Climb those stairs once more
Falling down

3. Left Behind

I’ve seen my life
Burned before my eyes
Out of control it’s too late
Too late to say goodbye
Enter a new state of mind
Release me from it all
Exit all problems that
I’ve worried for far too long
Soon free

Cast out left behind
Acceptance will take time
My cards laid on the table
I’m coping can this be
Why is this happening to me?

Drowning you push
Me under water

Left behind

Dig down I’ll be found
Closing the coffin now
Forget of my existance
Don’t worry, now I’m free
Already forgotten me
Hammer the nails and
Close my tomb

Soon free

4. The Modern Day

Immerse yourself again
Enshroud of silence
Select another way
Controlled in the modern day

Systems at large

Bridge a gap that binds
Fuel my hate
Feel it escalate
Increase enrage
The modern day
Fuel my rage

Increase your tolerance
Inflate intelligence
Display and test significance
Your free analyze them

5. A Frozen Escape

Erase the day escape
Forgotten future lays ahead
Doomed to stay
Trapped in a time
Unfamiliar frozen

Endless sea of despair
Storm clouds drawing in
A constant battle
Sailing on
Lost in the confusion

Drift away
Sunshine takes control
Drift away
Sunshine blinding
Sunshine disappears

Empty words take hold
Closing in

6. Behind The Disguise

You will never change
Make believe fake false stories

No point denying your exaggeration
Lies have you blinded
Half truths decieved you

Hoping that they will see
Will they believe you?

From the back of your mind
Fake promises leave you blind
Hiding behind your disguise

7. Holding Onto Emptiness

Holding on to emptiness
Lock yourself in guilt
Self conscienceness mass ignorance
Changing once more

Controlling the mind
Senses destroyed
Torrent of rage
Overtake master your fate
Boiling point
Channel out hate

Surpass weakness redemption
Giving up giving in
Forming twisting
Turning into something else
Thrown off track
Relenting anger


8. Into Eternity

Sometimes I wonder what went wrong
Do I even belong here at all no
Where am I how did I get here
Wake me up from this nightmare
I don’t deserve this no one does

And then he stared into the sky
Feeding his fright denying
Feeling the pain hear the screaming
I don’t want to die

Clear my mind
So many times I’ve tried I’ve failed
So many people slaughtered
Don’t they have a conscience
Slaves brainwashed to be that way

The darkness clouds I can’t see
Will I see my family
They pray
Would they die for me
Bury me

9. Speak Of The Dead

Once it was said to be
I am too blind
Too blind to see
I am the one to
Speak of the dead

Speak of the dead

War of the centuries
Raping my soul
I am the one to
Speak of the dead

Bring forth the one
To speak of the dead

Silence, I am the one inside of your head
In your head

10. Silence Through Virtue

Fog thickens the air
Falling into a sea of despair
Dreams of a rescue
Entangles then tears
Silence through virtue
Imagination twisting
A false way of thinking
Trapped in the sorrow

Sinking deeper
Undying denial

Innocence stolen
Never forgotten
Forgive not forget
As the bullet
Leaves the chamber
Silence through virtue

Discouraged to speak again
The blame is all too real
Controlling endlessly
A constant blackened fear

Sinking deeper
Undying denial